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Private music lessons
You can express your interest by filling out 
- Djembe drum
- Guitar
- Ukulele
- Piano
- Sitar
- Indian Harmonium
- Harmonica
- Overtune flute and more...
Joas Koukl Music Lessons Connecting Music

I offer private lessons at my place in Carterton or at your home in the wider Wairarapa region. I have a large collection of instruments, so I can provide the instruments or you can bring your own. Together we will identify what your goals are for our sessions, whether we go deep into music theory and dive into notation and rhythmic and harmonic structures, if we will practice basic chords and learn songs to sing by the campfire, if you want to learn a piece of music for a particular occasion, or if you just want to have fun and play.

Beginner to advanced. I prefer 60 minute lessons, but I am flexible and open to your needs and preferences. 


Contact me for prices and details or fill out the registration form HERE.


Jonas Koukl Music Lessons Connecting Music
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