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Frame drum-making workshops
Upcoming dates:
April 21st-22nd:         Featherston, Wairarapa.     REGISTER HERE

Details in the poster:


Make your own frame drum


In these workshops, we make frame drums from a deerskin drum head stretched over a steam-bent ash frame, called a shell. 


Frame drums go by many names and have roots in many cultures and traditions. These ancient instruments can help us to connect with our inner landscapes and with other perspectives and sources of wisdom.


Each person comes with a unique intention. Some may be interested in the traditional use of frame drums within a specific culture. Some may want to use their drums for sacred rituals and shamanic journeys. Some may want to spend some relaxing, creative time crafting a handmade musical instrument, perhaps with a partner, friend, or child. 


Shamanism is a method for deepening our ability to listen and receive healing and sharing through our ancestral lineages and the world of spirits, often through journeys into other dimensions through altered states of consciousness. Drums can be a powerful tool in shamanic practices.


The instruments of shamanism are humility, intuition, sharp awareness, presence, and sensitive practice. We will practice these skills during our time together as we explore our relationships to spirit, earth, each other, and the drums we are bringing into the world. I will not teach you any shamanic work, but can direct you to teachers and resources. 


We will begin by acknowledging the land we are working on and ritually expressing gratitude to the animals and trees whose bodies we use as our materials. Most of our time together will be spent creating the drums, with time given for play, connection, nourishing food, and rest. When the new drums are ready, we will greet them with a welcoming ceremony by the campfire. 


On the second day (in a two-day workshop) we will explore the effects of musical vibrations on ourselves and our environment. This will include a sound journey, drumming, chanting, and an interactive workshop with hundreds of instruments from around the world. 


I am a primary music teacher and multi-instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience facilitating music-based workshops, camps, and festivals for people of all ages. I have been teaching frame-drum making in my homeland, Czech Republic, since 2008, and I feel honoured to share my experience and love for this mahi in Aotearoa.

Contact me for more details or if you would like to find out about my next frame drum making workshop or organise a workshop for your group or organisation.

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