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Jonas Koukl

...and a few references:

          "Jonas is an incredibly talented and multi-faceted musician, with a unique ability to create inspiring and exciting musical experiences for children and adults of all ages. He works very effectively with groups both large and small, bringing the participants into contact with music and musical instruments in ways that are both grounding and uplifting." 


Aleka Beaumont, Te Ra Waldorf School 

022 019 7957




          "Jonas knows his stuff.  He managed, in his gentle encou-raginging way, to get over 25 King Street Artists playing a huge range of instruments that many hadn't seen let alone touched before. People finished this fun and educational workshop excited, full of energy and wanting more. We can't wait to have him back!"

Ian Chapman - King Street Artworks




          "Jonas was a part of Masterton’s first Christmas on Queen street festival. He attracted people of all ages with his wide range of instruments and his own musician skills. He worked with both children and adults in a fun, engaging and collaborative way and provided the community with an amazing opportunity. Working with Jonas is exciting, educating and stimulating experience and I would highly recommend his talents to anyone."


Bailey Peterson, Masterton District Council





          "The children were mesmerized by the mysterious sounds they created using equally intriguing instruments from all over the world. With Jonas’s skillful guidance they became sound explorers traversing a magical soundscape. And to celebrate their journey a collaborative composition leaving them feeling truly satisfied and inspired. A wonderful experience.


          Jonas greatest skill is undoubtedly his passion for music and sound. It doesn’t take the children long to ‘catch’ his enthusiasm and become equally curious about the wide world of sound he is able to share with them. He was able to facilitate the experience in such a way that left the children feeling they are already musicians – which I now believe too."

Paul Fletcher, Kapiti Steiner School

021 154 5176

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